America: Between a Russian and a hard place; there are only three paths out: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran or Russia .

You may be wondering why the U.S is sanctioning Putin’s hand maidens…. Well in case you forgot, America is trying to get out of Afghanistan, which is not an easy task considering it’s the longest war the U.S has ever been in. There is a lot of equipment and personnel there.

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The tepid relations with Russia has made the retreat possible, but now the U.S has again found itself between “a Russian and a hard place”. This was not lost on Putin going into the Crimea crisis, which is why America’s leadership looked like tall skinny school yard bullies and Putin looked like a grizzled KGB veteran raised during the cold war crisis.



Will it end here? Anybody’s guess. Does Putin exercise additional restraint before shoring up his borders or does he take the opportunity now while the U.S is still struggling to sort it’s domestic economic issues out (not to mention the countless foreign entanglements) before moving on?

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