This is Not: Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, Iran. This is Australia

As the peaceful apathetic people of the America’s slumber silently on a Sunday morning, the rest of the world is waking up.

Anti-federal government  rally.

Including Australia, not they are not sitting quietly in a lawn chair eating their super sized fries in the shade of a tree planted by their forefathers, claiming to “occupy” something for some reason.

Demonstrators in the March in March prostests in Melbourne.

The Aussies along with nations all around the globe are standing up, walking, chanting, singing but most of demanding change. Will they get it? Who’s to say? But one thing is for certain, those of us that value freedom appreciate their courage to stand up for the values, morals, ethics of “The People”.

“I’m really angry about a number of things,” said Jenni James, 59, who helped organise the Melbourne protest with three others.

Protesters march through Melbourne CBD as part of the March in March demonstrations.Protesters march through Melbourne CBD as part of the March in March demonstrations. Photo: Luis Ascui

“They’re not listening to us. They’re lying to us. And there are a lot of people here who have never been in a protest in their life”.

Will they make a difference you might ask? The answer is simple: They already have!! Do you want a shake with those French fries?

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